Logging into Lightstream for the first time may be a bit overwhelming with how many permissions are requested. Most permissions are used to do simple things like updating your stream info, while some are merely bundled in with permissions we require to put you live with the press of a button. In the spirit of transparency, here's the permissions we require and what we do with them:

Mixer (Beam)

  • Stream Key
    Required to go live on your channel
  • Update channel settings
    Used to update your channel’s game and title
  • View your channel analytics
    Used for subscriber and follower counts
  • Interact with chats on your behalf and connect to chat
    Used to get your channel chat and viewer count
  • View your user analytics
    This permission is bundled with access to your stream key and is not used by Lightstream
  • View your e-mail address
    Required to set up your Lightstream account
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