There are just a few steps for getting Video files added to your stream with Lightstream Studio. We’ll outline those steps below to guide you through the process:

  1. To get started, click the green “+” for "Layers" on the left side of your project
  2. Then, select the “Video Clip” option
  3. From there you should be able to upload your video which will automatically be added to your scene when done


What is the video size limit?
Video File you choose must be smaller than 200 mb in size and in MPEG4 or WebM format.

Is there any chance of the limit being increased?
As a platform that focuses on the streaming of live content, we have no intention on increasing the video size limit. 

Can I set when it starts and stops?
Currently we do not have any controls for video playback and it will autoplay when the scene is switched to, but you have the ability to loop, stop, or hide the video. When you go live, the video will rewind to the beginning. Additionally, it will start from the beginning when you switch to that scene.

Why can’t I hear any sound when I upload my video?
You won’t hear sound in the preview of Lightstream, but will hear it when you go live on the stream itself. To ensure that the audio is there, you can check to see if the video has added an audio option in the Audio Mixer on the bottom left corner of Lightstream.

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