The resolution you stream at heavily depends on your computer's specs as well as your internet upload speed. Here's a little more information about each resolution setting we offer (recommended upload speeds are based on streaming 1 camera and 1 capture source):

480p 30 fps - This is the recommended starting option for machines with lower specs. We recommend an upload speed of at least 3 Mb/s.

720p 30 fps (recommended) - This is the option we recommend for most of our users as it's an ideal bitrate for most broadcasts without transcoding options (ability to offer lower qualities to viewers with weaker connections). We recommend an upload speed of at least 5 Mb/s.

Paid tiers:

The Creator plan has two tiers available with the option of two max outputs, 720p 30 fps (information above) or 720p 60 fps. The Professional plan includes a max output of 720p 60 fps.

720p 60 fps - This is a very high bitrate option, so viewers with poor internet may run into buffering issues. We only recommend using 720p 60 fps if you're a partnered streamer on Twitch or Mixer or are streaming on YouTube. We recommend an upload speed of at least 7 Mb/s.

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