If you notice a desync on your stream there may be a few things in your Lightstream project space you need to double check.

Hardware Location

While live streaming in either a Gaming or Creator project, you’ll want to ensure that hardware like your webcam and microphone are being processed at the same time as the other content you’re sharing.

For example, Gaming Project users should bring their webcam and microphone in from their console directly, so it comes in as part of their console feed and ensures it stays in sync with their gameplay. (See: PS4 Broadcast Your Gameplay & Xbox Broadcasting and Troubleshooting)

This would also apply to Creator users sharing their content via an RTMP Source from their computer. You’ll want to include the webcam and audio in the software that’s broadcasting to the RTMP Source if you’re trying to keep all of the content in sync.

Connection Strength & Type

An important factor involved in streaming is your connectivity, both in terms of your internet upload speed but sometimes, even more importantly, it can be related to your connection’s stability.

For example, switching from wifi to a hard wired connection into your modem or router with an ethernet cable running to your hardware can help provide the strongest connection possible.

If none of the above helps and you’ve already confirmed you meet the system requirements for running our software, feel free to reach out through our live chat support at the bottom right corner of your project.
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