3rd Party integration layers allow you to add both alerts and overlays through a number of different services. We currently support the following integrations:

Botisimo: Bring sweet tunes into your stream with their Music Player, Poll your audience, or take advantage of their other great widgets
Extra Life: Raise funds, have fun, and help heal kids at your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital
Loots: Viewers can send you text messages that show up live on stream. Incoming messages are sponsored
MerchRoom: Start a store, create merchandise, and sell to your followers
Muxy: Used to display alerts for donations, follows, and subscriptions
Pixel Chat: Expand your audience with closed captioning, reward your viewers with a giveaway, or give them a shout out for being awesome
Player.me:  Overlay templates and widgets
Singular.Live: Create Live streaming graphics to engage your viewers
StreamElements: Manage donations, alerts, and overlays
SGL(Stream Game Labels): Include statistics on their videos/feeds from their favorite games
Streamlabs: Add the Alert Box, Chat Box, Event List, Goals, and other useful supported widgets
Tiltify: Create a charity stream for the charity of your choice and raise money solo or as part of larger events
TipeeeStream: Used for a wealth of tools including donations, goals, events, and alerts
Tracker Network: Track your game statistics & show off it off on stream
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