Now that you’ve got your RTMP Source layer setup in Lightstream Studio. What do you do if you want to take your stream with you on the go?

With the help of our Auto Live feature, you can now go live to your channel as soon as your project receives an RTMP signal. This allows you to take your stream with you on the go, but even better, it maintains a connection to your channel should you lose signal for any reason through our Disconnect Protection.

Enabling & Using Auto Live on your RTMP Source

To enable Auto Live on your project, simply click the project name in the top left of your project, and then click on the toggle for Auto Live Project. Once enabled, your project will automatically go live on your channel once the RTMP Source layer receives a signal.

Once you’re live, you can change scenes or end your stream from your Studio project area or from the mobile remote (if Disconnect Protection is disable your stream will automatically end upon stopping your RTMP signal).

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