Adding great looking alerts and so much more to your stream has never been easier than it is with Rainmaker & Lightstream!

Once you’ve set up everything on Rainmaker you can bring your overlay into your Lightstream project space in just a few easy steps.

From the “+” add layer button, select Rainmaker from the list.
Once added to your scene, select “Open Rainmaker” from the prompt.
You’ll land in your Rainmaker Dashboard, so select Overlay on the left.
Click the Copy URL chain icon of your overlay to add to your scene.
Return to your Lightstream project and Paste the URL into the layer.

Note: If you’d like to test your Rainmaker overlay, like an alert for example, you can use the test option to see if it's working properly in your Lightstream project’s scene.

(We’ve also included a full visual guide below.)

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