Note: This article refers to our Botisimo 3rd Party Integration layer you can use to add a Music Player to your stream that you and your viewers can add music to via Soundcloud or YouTube (Currently, we’re experiencing issues playing videos from YouTube.)

If you're interested in using other music sources, like Spotify or Pretzel Rocks, on your stream, then you'll want to try bringing in your music using our Virtual Audio Cable workaround. This method allows you to capture all audio sources from your computer, including things like voice chat (Discord).

If you've already setup Virtual Audio Cables and you're looking to use Botisimo instead, please delete the VAC source before using this method.

So you're looking to add some sweet tunes to your stream? With the help of our Botisimo Integration, you can add their popular Music Player widget to your stream for your audience to enjoy. Check out the following gif for how to get it added into your project:

How do you queue up music or request songs?

Once set up in Lightstream, you can add music (see: gif below) to the queue from your Botisimo Music Player dashboard itself or your viewers can request a song in your streams chat with the "!songrequest <URL of YouTube song you'd like to add>" command. The music player currently supports YouTube & YouTube playlist URL's as well as Soundcloud and Soundcloud playlist URL's.

Music Player stopped or you’re not hearing anything?

Double-check that the Music Player is enabled and your audio isn't muted or too low in your music player itself, via the Edit Overlay button.

Why isn’t my SoundCloud playlist moving onto the next track?

If you’re using a SoundCloud playlist in Botisimo, you’ll need to ensure you add the string “?soundcloudPlaylist=1” to the end of your Music Player’s URL in the layer of your scene to get the next track to play correctly.

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