On Tracker Network (formerly Fortnite Tracker) you can track your gaming stats across various platforms and titles with overlays you setup in their overlay editor.

Once you’ve got your game overlay setup on your Tracker Network profile you’re ready to add it to your Lightstream project as a layer.

Note: Some features on their site are for Premium Users only.

Copying your Tracker Network overlay link…

First, you’ll need to copy the direct URL for the Tracker Network overlay itself. You can find this from the overlay editor at the top of your screen.

Once you’ve copied a URL, navigate back to your Lightstream project.

Adding your Tracker Network overlay layer…

Click the “Add Layer” button, and then click on "3rd Party Integrations". Afterwards, you'll want to select "Tracker Network" and then paste the URL you copied earlier in for your layer.

Having trouble getting your Tracker Network overlay setup properly? You can contact Tracker Network Support directly HERE.
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