StreamElements allows you to create overlays with ease! Once you’ve created your overlays on StreamElements, you can easily add them to your scenes in Lightstream.

To find your StreamElements overlay URL:

Navigate to “ My overlays ” in your StreamElements Dashboard.
Copy the URL of the overlay you want. (NOTE: Make sure it’s set to 720p if you're on a 720p tier in Lightstream.)

To add your StreamElements overlay to Lightstream:

Click the “Add Layer” button, and then click on "3rd Party Integrations".
Paste the URL you copied earlier for your layer. Those overlays and alerts will now be added to your stream.

Expanding your overlay to fit the canvas:

StreamElements Layers do not automatically scale to fit the canvas. Follow these steps to fix that!

Select the StreamElements layer from the list on the left side.
When you have the layer selected, hit the “Scale” option on the layer
Select the “Stretch to Canvas” option
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