The Pixel Chat site has lots of great overlays for you to choose from that can integrate with your Twitch channel. Their Closed Captioning (Pixel-CC) and Give Away (Pixel-Give) overlays are popular among Pixel Chat users.

Once you’ve got your overlays setup in Pixel Chat you’re ready to add it to your Lightstream project as a layer.

Note: Some overlay options are Pixel-Pro only.

Copying your Pixel Chat overlay link…

First, you’ll need to copy the direct URL for the Pixel Chat overlay itself. You can get this from the Pixel Chat dashboard Overlays section by hovering over the icon of the overlay you want and selecting the “Copy Link” option.

Then, you’ll go back into your Lightstream project area and add the Pixel Chat overlay as a 3rd Party Integration layer to your scene.

Adding your Pixel Chat overlay layer…

Click the “Add Layer” button, and then click on "3rd Party Integrations". Afterwards, you'll want to select "Pixel Chat" and then paste the URL you copied earlier in for your layer.

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