You can stream mobile gameplay to Twitch with the help of our Lightstream MobileCast application. We support both Android and iOS phones and tablets with some minor differences broken down below.

First you’ll want to install the Lightstream MobileCast App from the Google Play Store or App Store

Once installed and launched, log in to Twitch and grant Lightstream permissions to broadcast to your channel and access your device for sharing your screen

Adjust any settings you need
Audio - Tweak levels between your gameplay & microphone or mute them entirely
Camera (Android only) - Choose to toggle your device’s camera on or off

When you click “Start Screen Broadcast” the app will begin your stream to Twitch. You can then switch back over to your game on the device and when ready switch to your ‘Live’ scene

Note: When broadcasting from the MobileCast app, everything on your screen will be shared on stream. You may want to have your game open and ready before starting your broadcast to minimize the amount of time your device’s screen is shown to your audience. Enabling “Do Not Disturb” mode on your device can also help with preventing things from showing on screen you don’t want shown, like push notifications for example.
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