We have a few ways of getting your computer's screen onto your stream! We offer both Display and Window captures which each have their advantages.

Browser Screensharing

Screensharing with no downloads required

Browser screensharing works best when capturing programs which don’t involve much movement. For sharing games or high-action videos please use Client Screensharing (instructions below). To utilize Browser Screensharing you’ll need to install our Chrome Extension.

To start screensharing through your browser, you’ll want to press the green “Add Layer” button and then select “Screenshare”. On the new window that pops up, you’ll want to select the type of screensharing you’d like to use as well as the window or screen you wish to share.

Client Screensharing

High quality and smooth action capture of a single window or your entire screen

To start using Client Screensharing, you'll want to press the green "Add Layer" button and then select "Client Screenshare". Once on the next pane, you'll want to select the monitor you’ll be streaming from or your game from the list of Application Windows. Not sure which capture type to use? Check out our suggestions below!

Window capture is a good option when you want to make sure no sensitive information is captured while streaming or if you don't want the rest of your desktop distracting your viewers!

Screen capture works well when you might be switching between games, you want to capture your entire desktop to show off multiple things, or you're using a program that has a hard time being captured with Window capture.

Note: Please make sure that anything you wish to capture is not minimized.

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